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Our history

A retraining,

My name is Amélie Feret, I am 31 years old and I live in Caen, in Normandy (France). I studied law for 5 years, and worked in the legal field for another 5 years.


One day, after 8 hours spent on the phone and in front of my computer, I realized that I was not happy in my work and I wondered if I had already been.


The answer was no.  

Following this sad observation at only 27 years old, a took a decision : in one week, I resigned to start studies in leather goods and live off my passion. It was urgent to give something concrete to my life, to create with my hands and to get away from this stressful and 100% virtual environment.

After a year of study and internships with various professionals, the dream has now become reality : I make durable and rugged products, in leather with aspects that I love so much. 


I am now happy to get up in the morning to work, and that is priceless.


A rugged vintage brand

Why Reeft Leather Goods?  

Reeft is an anagram of my name: Feret.  

As far as I can remember, I have always loved old leather objects, marked by time, their folds, their smells, their memories and their imperfections. Passionate about motorcycles and having a Triumph Bonneville T100, I dreamed of old saddlebags, vintage brown saddles, old jackets and boots ...  

The deer represents for me a noble and elegant animal, which echoes the material that is leather. It represents nature, and the need to get closer to basic but essential things in life : nature, happiness, and respect for my values. I didn't want to integrate a large industrial group, or do my production on the other side of the world at a lower cost.  

Reeft is the result of all these things: raw leathers with character, simple and robust products made by hand by a single person, respecting traditions and artisan methods.  

Reeft, back to basics.

Leather Workshop adress - 10 rue de l'Europe 14460 COLOMBELLES FRANCE - Contact : 06 61 64 09 16 -

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